Chapter & Undergraduate Awards

The following Fraters have earned one of the several scholarship awards available to Tekes. As noted, some of these are available to Nu Tekes only, while others are available to Tekes at every chapter.

Burt Thomas Award (Nu Specific)
2015-16: Masao MacMaster

W. Allan Herzog Scholarship (Nu Specific)
2015: David Lester
2014: Jackson Allison
2013: David Fink
2012: Christian Handley
2011: Abiram Bala
2010: Brett Goldstein
2010: Alvin Yi
2009: Michael Cerussi
2006: Andrew Gabrielli

John B. Phillips Scholarship (Nu Specific)
2015: Wayland Fong
2014: Ryan Au
2013: Michael Rigg
2012: Michael Tuffli
2011: Joshua Feldman
2010: Michael Cerussi

Michael Cerussi Leadership Scholarship
2014: Alexander McLean
The following awards are available to all Tekes throughout the Fraternity.

Sophus C. Goth Award (Nu Specific)
2009-10: Camden Andrews
2008-09: Michael Cerussi

TKE-Nu House Corporation Scholarships (Nu Specific)

Service to TKE Nu Scholarship Award Philanthropy Award
2013-14 Matt Cook Jackson Allison Jon Kalfayan
2012-13 Michael Nave Alex Voet David Fink
2011-12 Michael Tuffli Doug Wreden Alex Morris
2010-11 Eric Tye Andrew Henning Chris Lee
2009-10 Jorden Hemingway Jason Joffe Jack Cambou
2008-09 Dustin McKenzie Jorden Hemingway Jason Joffe

Eugene C. Beach Memorial Scholarship
2011: David Herschorn

Donald A. and John R. Fisher Memorial Scholarship
2012: Oren Friedman

Carrol C. Hall Memorial Scholarship
2007: Aria Ghaffari
2006: Albert Linden

J. Russel Salesbury Memorial Scholarship
2011: Edward Rothenberg

T.J. Schmitz Scholarship
2007: Albert G. Linden

Wallace G. McCauley Memorial Scholarship
2006: David Freeman

Steven J. Muir Scholarship
2010: Abiram Bala
2009: Kevin Okimura

The Charles R. Walgreen, Jr., Scholarship Award
2014: Oren Friedman
2012: Andrew Flood
2007: Arash Ghaf

William Wilson Memorial Scholarship
2012: Andrew Henning

For details on any of the Nu-specific awards, please visit our Scholarship page.

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