Below is a list of Fraters and parents who have donated to one of our funds so far this year. The list is differentiated between those current with their Alumni Dues (in good standing with the Alumni Association) and those who have contributed to our Building and Scholarship Funds.

For more information about how to submit your alumni dues or contribute to one of our other funds, please visit our Donate page, or e-mail us.

Alumni Dues Contributors

Willson C. Moore Jr. ’50
Willett C. Deady ’54
Earl W. Boynton ’56
William W. Lewerenz ’56
Harlow V. Hal Plimpton ’58
J. Frederick Conrad DDS ’66
Ronald E. Jones ’66
Terry L. Smerling ’67
Warren P. Guy Newmark II ’68
Mark L. Edelstone ’83
Anders Torgerson II ’83
Peter K. Cloven ’86
Craig R. Kirchner ’86

Fernando L. Delmendo ’89
Oleg Khainovski ’06
Erik A. Lewis ’05
Benjamin Gilmore ’07
James Stuekerjuergen ’07
Theodore Kwong ’09
Michael Cerussi ’10
Kevin Okimura ’10
Anthony J. Wright ’10
Dain Adamson ’11
Phillip Walker Dove ’13
Steven Edelstone ’13

House Corp and Scholarship Donors

Nu Chapter Club ($2,500 & up)

William Allan Herzog ’53
Hon Carl West Anderson ’57

Knights of Classic Lore Club ($1,000 to $2,499)

W. Blake Jamison MD ’50
Donald H. Shawl ’61

Loyal Fraters Club ($100 to $999)

Mark A. Engler ’53
John H. Bell ’56
Fred E. Lusk Jr ’56
Donald H. Relfe Jr. ’57
William R. Dozier ’59
Gerald D. Blalock ’60
Donald E. Gremaux ’61
John B. Phillips ’61
John J. Quigley ’61
J. Frederick Conrad DDS ’65
Michael Duffey ’66
Robert A. Muhlbach ’67
Terry L. Smerling ’67
Earl Anthony Wayne ’72
Christopher M. Burns ’84
John A. Tomlinson ’89

Building Patrons Club ($1 to $99)

John W. Heaney Jr ’50
Willson C. Moore Jr. ’50
Roger E. Venturi ’57
Samuel S. Peden ’59
James P. Sherk ’65
Terry L. Smerling ’67
Warren P. Guy Newmark II ’68
Fernando L. Delmendo ’89

Previous Donors: